Eddie L. Dobbins, Jr.

Dobbins was born in the 1960’s, into a segregated Chicago when public schools actively resisted integration. Eddie’s professional career includes building and leading teams in business development and sales in the hospitality and transportation industries for over two decades. From ergonomics to imaging technology, Dobbins shifted gears, in 1999 when he was a field strategist for the successful re-election of San Francisco Mayor Willie L. Brown, Jr. 

After the successful campaign and a year spent writing in Italy, Eddie joined the San Francisco International Airport’s Revenue Development Department, where he successfully created out-of-the-box revenue concepts and overhauled the airport food and beverage program to feature local restaurateurs.

Eddie then returned to the private sector as VP of Channel Development for San Francisco startup Zoom, Inc., the global leader of automated retail. There he was responsible for brand management, directing, coaching channel teams, and developing strategic partnerships and initiatives.

He worked closely with companies such as Best Buy, Apple and Sony.  He was elected, as the Western Regional Director of the Airport Minority Advisory Council (AMAC) in 2010/2011 whose chief missions’ dedication to advance the full participation of minorities and women in employment and contracting opportunities throughout the aviation and aerospace industries.

Eddie returned to Chicago in the winter of 2011 to take on an unfamiliar role: that of caring for his dying mother. This experience, which became the subject of “Tea with Mom, Spiritual Lessons on Life and Death, and Healing in Bali: A Caregiver’s Memoir”, shifted their relationship. His love of Bali unfolded a gift of healing, where Eddie learned that in death, there is life.  

His work in the field of coaching and personal development began as a young Regional Sales Manager focused on teaching and developing soft skills and training – while developing successful front-line sales teams. However, he further cemented his dream of working with others by his work with the Coaching Institute in 2015, where he later launched www.drivethrucoaching.com, a portal of resources for clients who were seeking assistance.

As a certified Life Coach, he enjoys working with dynamic individuals who are committed to identifying and clarifying their inner drives and desires in service to achieving their heartfelt dreams.

Dobbins launched loveyourspirittours.com as a beta in 2013, with the intention of providing cultural immersions travel in prepackaged tours in global destinations with Indonesia as the background for the immersion experience. From his first visit to Indonesia he was enthralled by the openness and warmth of Balinese, the cultural and magic. He is passionately focused on pursuing his dream of his assisting others in their desire to ‘integrate’ mind, body and spirit modalities into a way of life, as he continues to expand on his, with mutual benefit intentions.


In 2020, “Vibrant Senses”:  Mindfulness Retreat/Workshop, comes to the Americas - in the Redwoods.

This retreat/workshop was successfully introduced and executed on the Island of Bali in 2013, under the Love Your Spirit Tours Brand (beta) - whose combine elements of visual beauty and rich history in textiles, traditional music, and unique cuisines shifted each participant to drive deeper into their authentic self while being pushed to examine oneself in the midst of coexisting in this vast archipelago surrounded by herbs, species, tropical fruits which nurtures and rejuvenates the mind, body and spirit.

If you are looking to ‘let go’, rejuvenate and being gently guided through a series of immersions with focused attention of nature and the endless ‘elements’ around us while being encouraged to place yourself in a beautiful, sacred, transformational environment that will give your spirit a chance to expand, please join us. “Our senses are indeed our door and windows on this world; in a very real sense the key to the unlocking of meanings and the well spring of creativity” – Jean Houston.

Eddie earned an MA in Spiritual Psychology and a BA in Political Science from Simpson College in Iowa and accreditations from the University of Berkeley.

As a licensed Realtor he enjoys representing first time home buyer clients in the acquisition and sale of residences and income property, bridging his experience as a commercial principal property manager at San Francisco International Airport: Business and Finance Revenue Development Department.

Visit Eddie’s at www.eddiedobbins.com

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