“Explore, Engage and Expand Your Inner Writer - I”

Online Memoir Writing Workshop: January 25 & 26, 2020

Eddie’s launch of an online memoir writing weekend workshop January 25 and 26, 2020.

The weekend will be composed of two hour sessions Saturday and Sunday with 1.5 hours of teaching and 30 minutes of Q&A/participation. This weekend workshop is ideal for you if you are working on a memory; are interested in exploring this genre as a means of tapping into your creativity.

“Explore, Engage and Expand Your Inner Writer - II” -

Mini Weekend of Writing from the Soul Workshop: April 24 - 26th, 2020, Sonoma County, Guerneville, California, on the Russian River.

Intention is to bring forth a delicious weekend of savory dreams and desires and begin the process of turning them from the impossible to the possible. This workshop based on the tools of mindfulness - a glimpse to see what lies behind the emotional reactions and patterns that afflict our behavior from a place of contraction to expansion.

Our mini weekend together we will (limited list):

  • learn a process that enables participants to tap into and anchor; ground triggers.

  • We will do an inspired writing process to bring these dreams to the surface and fuel anew the power of the flame of desire itself. In this practice called, “Desires are Enlightenment”, the group will be given the fuel to set fire to daily writing and meditation.

  • We will engage in the origins of Mindfulness and apply tools to engage as a writer.

  • We will expand in the practice of mind(ful) mapping - your book.

  • Each participant will have a working diagram/content of book.


September 25-27, 2020 - Sonoma County, California.

In the Synchronicity workshop, guest will have the opportunity to explore their “Soul of Leadership” through examining what it means to lead from the Soul.

Unlocking your potential Greatness. “A focused purpose, awakens the unseen power of the Soul”, Deepak Chopra.

  • Participants to connect to their inner self and go beyond the clamor of ego - to witnessing the calm within and hear the stillness to lead from a place of focused calm versus rushed unplaced energy.

  • What is your Purpose? What is your place in the world?

  • Are you doing what you love?

  • Are you living the life you were meant to live?

Sample Itinerary:

Day 1 - Arrival; Look and Listen, Emotional Bonding

Day 2 - Awarness, Doing and Empowerment

Day 3 - Responsibility and Synchronicity



October 1 - October 5, 2020, Sonoma County, Russian River.

“Do not look at the world through your head; look at it through your heart” - Ketut Liyer, “Eat Pray Love”.

The retreat is designed to create an environment where our guests can breathe and find comfort in nurturing their body, mind, and spirit with special focus places on the stimulation of the five senses.

Our mornings will begin with meditation - to ground and center the mind, body, and spirit. In our meditation we will come to recognize, “our senses are indeed our door and windows on this world; in a very real sense the key to the unlocking of meanings and the wellspring of creativity.” - Jean Houston.

Explores our environment and shared experiences through our senses. Together we immerse ourselves in the landscape using our senses. Through guided meditation and anchoring the spirit of the artist’s eye and heart - we focus on nature and the elements around us.

  • We’ll begin with a process that enables the participants to tap into their own current desires, hopes and dreams.

  • We’ll learn the power of silence and how to deepen into our awareness of who we really are.

  • We’ll gather in sacred community to nurture ourselves and each other.

Workshop participants will be encouraged to place themselves in a specifically chosen beautiful, sacred, transformational environment that will give the spirit a chance to expand, let-go, and rejuvenate. We will journey in to the beauty of our own Beings by exploring our senses through writing and painting exercises.

In our precious time together, we’ll explore the scents, tastes,textures,sounds, and sights around us.

This retreat/workshop was successfully introduced and executed on the Island of Bali in 2013, under the Love Your Spirit Tours Brand (beta) - whose combine elements of visual beauty and rich history in textiles, traditional music, and unique cuisines shifted each participant to drive deeper into their authentic self while being pushed to examine oneself in the midst of coexisting in this vast archipelago surrounded by herbs, species, tropical fruits which nurtures and rejuvenates the mind, body and spirit.

Vibrant Senses Retreat/Workshop - Comes to the Americas the Spring of 2020. If you are looking to ‘let go’, rejuvenate and being gently guided through a series of immersions with focused attention of nature and the endless ‘elements’ around us while being encouraged to place yourself in a beautiful, sacred, transformational environment that will give your spirit a chance to expand.